jasmine serrurier sforni


K  reached a milestone and wanted to celebrate it with , gossiping, flirty disco dancing, tanning, long aperitovos, and window shopping – which meant it was a girls only weekend.


K possesses a uniquely wonderful quality.  She is hyper organised without being neurotic.  We arrived to a house with fresh rolled up towels, the latest magazines fanned out on the coffee table and a fridge packed with treats.


As Porto Cervo is K’s spiritual home, she felt it was time  for her friends learn a little bit about her religion.

So, before we could blink we are on K’s fun fun fun packed schedule.




boats porto cervo, Costa Smeralda

Nestled just behind the main drag that faces the sea,  there is a cluster of very stylish design and art-themed shops, mixed in with a few aperitivo places, to stop off and down cool at.  The aesthetic bent of this area is not an accident, as its curator  is Andrea Brugnoni, Rossana Orlandi’s (one of design’s sharpest eyes)  son.

Stuart Haygarth-Spectacle-Gallery FUMI

Stuart Haygarth-Spectacle-Gallery FUMI

Most of the spaces were closed by the time we arrived, yet I did manage to spend some time with my my face glued to some store windows.  Porto Cervo may be minute, but this did not stop Andrea from pulling in some seriously big design names.  I fell in love with the London-based  The Fumi Gallery , and the chandelier that draped down from the center of the room.  It was entirely made up of sunglasses.

fumi gallery porto cervo

Fumi Gallery, Porto Cervo

Andrea had us for drinks and introduced us to his local friends at the Belvedere Bar on the terrace of the Mdm  Museum which was stocked with contemporary greats such as Massimo Vitali, Sabine Pigalle, and Damian Hirst.


louise alexander gallery coney island massimo vitali

At The Louise Alexander Gallery

Massimo Vitali

Coney Island

Soon it was time to eat. K took us to one of her favourite restaurants Pedrinelli, which had a starter buffet to die and go to heaven for.  I never fail to over-do it when food comes buffet-style.  Even though the second course was just as good, it was up hill from then on.



There were candles overflowing throughout the restaurant.  I loved how a a collection of them were used in the fireplace.


billionaire, porto cervo, sardinia


Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Milan its Duomo, Athens its Acropolis, Porto Cervo has the Billionaire.  This time, not a monument, but a nightclub.  Over the years Porto Cervo’s lure seems to have faltered for its  founder Prince Aga Khan, whoe  is hardly ever seen out and about at his beachside kingdown,  so his crown as been inherited by another  princling. Flavio Briatore, Formula One boss and owner of the Billionaire, a nightclub


lydia fenet billionaire nightclub porto cervo sardinia

Lydia Fenet in the Spirit of things at The Billioniare

What can I tell you about the infamous club?  It was full of hot and sweaty people.  There was a “royal area” for the people who had real money to spend, plus and ever more super royal area cordoned off  for  Flav, and his friends, who included, on this particular night the newly divorced jeweler Fawaz Grusoi, owner and founder Grisogono.  Who seemed only to happy to lambada on a collection seats and tables amid  a variety nymphets.


Flavio was kind enough to take time out to rub cheeks with me for a photo.


jasmine serrurier sforni, flavio briatore

Firm & fuzzy friends Jas & Flav

holly dunlap, billionaire, porto cervo, sardinia

Feelin’ like a Billionairess, in the Royal enclosure,  Holly Dunlap


fashion tv, girls, billionaire, porto cervo

Fresh faces, from Fashion TV to The Billionaire

As K’s crowd loves a challenge, so we tried  to convince the beefcakes guarding the  “royal” area to let us in, only to realise that inside it was much the same as the rest of the club, only that the men were older and uglier (and maybe richer?) while the women younger and more beautiful.


alligator billionaire night club, sardinia porto cervo

crock billionaire porto cervo

More fun outside The Billionaire

The next day K had rented us not a super yacht, but something that would easily qualify as tender to a very serious super yacht, which was just as good for us.

back boat Costa Smeralda porto cervo holly dunlap

K & Holly

back boat Costa Smeralda porto cervo


Happy memories, with my trusty Borsalino hat before is started to look like a wrinkled crisp

Sardinia, sea, girls, beach

lydia backflip porto cervo sardinia

Lydia entertains us with somersaults


Photo Oppourtunity

Aperitivo time at Poltu Quatu

port back boat Costa Smeralda porto cervo

Then it was drinks time on the port at Poltu Quatu.  I had my trusty Shakerato.

This coffee iced was an absolute necessity if I wanted to keep me going at K’s pace.



Afterwards it was home quick change, and then for some pre-dinner dancing at a 70s party held on Phi beach.



phi beach porto cervo

There is nothing better than dancing while looking at the ocean, and Phi Beach well, its spectacular.

phi beach, sardinia,

phi beach porto cervo sardinia

lydia phi beach

Lydia brings Hello! style to Phi beach

lydia fenet phi , phi beach Costa Smeralda porto cervo

helicopter phi beach. porto cervo

How thoughtful!

Just as the sunset was about to go, a helicopter swooped down and dropped a bunch of gold and silver jackets to keep us warm.


Centre Isabella on the right, K

andrea, rossana orlandi

Isabella, Andrea & K

k and holly, phi beach Costa Smeralda porto cervo

K & Holly

Dinner this time  round was poolside, listening to brazillian music at Aruana.  The Brazillian eating here, meant lots of meat on sticks.


Then it was onto nightclub number 3, this time called Sotto Vento.  I couldn’t get my head around the music, which made me feel too old to be there.






cala di volpe, sardinia




The american girls there was one last thing to tick of their “to do” list.   Lunch at the Cala Di Volpe, a hotel which is an instituation on the Costa Smeralda.


We swaned in for lunch by the pool, to be told that it was there was only an obligatory buffet for Euro 195 per head.  We gave our excuses and passed for something smaller and less expensive on the terrace, and left our seats of the crowd of Russians who arrived late, and for whome €195 is mere small change.

wally, cala di volpe


Seeing a Wally Boat at Cale di Volpe, and then soon feeling like a wally too, poolside


I felt a lot better once I had topped up on another Sherkarato, and my local friends arrived.cala di volpe, caffè shakeratocala di volpe, caffè shakerato



The afternoon was spent on K’s favourite beach, Pevero.



Then we took our sandy feet on a walk about around Porto Cervo, stopping off at Sa Conca to try its world-famous ice creams and patisseries


If your idea of a holiday is a search of the old and authentic, Porto Cervo is not the place for you.   Porto Cervo has no past, unless you consider 1961 as old enough to qualify.

blue on blue costa smeralda

The big draw of this particular locale, and the reason it found itself on the list of  anyone serious about being jet set,  is its outstanding natural beauty, but it is one which comes at a cost.  Porto Cervo sits on a coastline called the Costa Smeralda, translated; The Emerald Coast.  The jewel like waters that lap this coastline, sparkle with a green and blue that does not emulate, but surpasses the promise of this name.

Giorgio Armani porto cervo
That  sun kissed Adonis is GIORGIO ARMANI!

Porto Cervo itself, was the vision of one man, Prince Aga Khan.  He built the whole village, and made it his own personal playground.  Over the years  the allure of exlusivity has been sustained through one thing, money, as playing there comes at a very high cost.  Today Porto Cervo is bling bling pot hole for those who like to spend a lot on holiday.

boats, porto cervo


Size is everything in Porto Cervo



K’s mother-in-law, had generously offered us the use of her holiday beach house.  Though she was not around to be quizzed on all her great style ideas she left me a few good clues.

The house had a classic nautical feel, blue and white which guarantees a happy summery feel.

To get a feel for the Costa I found 2 very good books in the house.


I think they are both out of print, but they were great  sources of porto cervo style through the years


I loved the fuild frame of this window in the book above, I picked up on this style again when I went to look at the church in Porto Cervo


Church of Stella Maris

stella marais porto cervo church

The little Church of Stella Maris was built by the architect Michele Busiri Vici in the early 1960′s (inside you will find an El Greco)



I felt that overall architectural feel of Porto Cervo, was part Santa Fe, part Barba Papa



santa fe

Sante Fe


Porto Cervo may be small and desirable to many, yet thankfully the development of the area has not gone overboard.  The architectural style is discreet and sympathetic to its natural environment.  So this part of Sardinia still seems wild and natural.

K’s mother-in-law had been lumped with a few giant rocks in her garden.  Instead of  hiding them with plants she made them into a feature, planting succulents into pot holes.


I bought all the wrong things.  I packed when I was in an anti-travel anti-festive  mood. Not a good idea.

matthew williamson

K, a friend to the last, offered up a piece of bona fide couture,  a Mathew Williamson piece with butterfly wings, it made me feel like an instant superstar.


phi beach


Last minute 70s looks

phi beach

A lot in Porto Cervo look pneumatic


phi beach

Making a pattern choice permanent



phi beach style

Nobody does it better than Vintage


H & M swimsuit

Isabelle shows us how to work her H & M swimming costume,  and gold Phi Beach jacket the latin, playgirl way

H & M swimsuit eres

Isa gives me some tips


I try my best in this lovely Eres one piece which miraculously sliced 5 Kgs off my body as I put it on



botegga veneta

cala di volpe


The look is spaghetti western with a twist

cale di volpe

L.O.V.E.D The Craker-Jack Poufs