Many patients are quite intimidated whenever they visit the dentist, much more when they hear the term orthodontist. However thanks to technology, the Invisalign treatment was introduced to the field of dentistry. Many dentists have adapted this method, especially in Canada while providing Invisalign Calgary SE clinics with proper knowledge and training.

Once a patient is recommended for braces, they automatically associate it with wires, brackets and metal instruments.  On the other hand, with the emergence of Invisalign in the dental industry, patients now have an alternative choice when it comes to getting treatment for their misaligned teeth. Many have tried and tested the Invisalign Calgary SE dental procedure.

The concept of Invisalign was conceived from the innovation of the align technology. Similar to other orthodontic procedures, the process of Invisalign starts with taking the patient’s dental impressions, x-rays, and pictures of their teeth. These details are analyzed by the alignment technology which creates a 3D image representing the patient’s teeth.

The 3D representation is studied, manipulated and used as a guide to manufacture a customized aligner. The 3D image is broken down into different stages during the treatment. Therefore, the aligners are also designed per period. These aligners direct the movement of the teeth.

With proper planning, Invisalign Calgary SE dentists can provide their patients with a suitable alternative for patients who are seeking for an alignment procedure. Compared to traditional braces, Invisalign is a modern technique that has an entirely different approach in straightening the teeth.

The Advantages of Invisalign Treatment

  • Aesthetic design – This procedure is appropriate for patients who are self-conscious of their look. The use of transparent and plastic aligners eliminate the need for metal and wired braces. Since the appliance is in clear plastic form, it appears natural and looks much better compared to braces.
  • Removable – Unlike braces which are fixed permanently and directly glued to the teeth, aligners are removable. However since it is removable, it entails more maintenance. It has to be cleaned and brushed regularly. Also, it must be removed before eating or drinking.
  • Does not affect the eating habit – Since the aligners are removable, there is no effect on the patient’s eating habit compared to braces where there are certain food that are hard to chew.
  • Comfortable – Aligners are easier to use and definitely much more comfortable than braces. The plastic material is placed over the teeth and is designed with a smooth surface. This protects your gums and cheeks from getting scratched and dug by metal wires.
  • Avoids plaque build-up – Since the aligner is removable, patients can brush their teeth without interference. The aligner prevents the build-up of plaque compared to braces where the metal brackets tend to harbor bacteria.

Clearly, Invisalign has a couple of advantages over the traditional orthodontic approach. However, the Invisalign Calgary SE dentist is the one who can determine if the patient is eligible to undergo this treatment. There are certain aspects and factors that must first be considered before the patient is cleared for Invisalign procedure. If the patient has a more serious and complicated situation, then braces are more effective than aligners.