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Leaving Colorado Springs and taking the road to Taos sends you into the hills and through lush forests, which are a complete contrast to the wide landscapes we saw driving through Wyoming. It was on this road that I finally I got to see those picture postcard log cabins I was after – plus the chance to do some one-of-a-kind road stops – such as a road side visit to museum dedicated to gas station memorabilia – a first! You are spoilt for choice in Santa Fe in the accommodation stakes – we went for the most obvious, and one […]

Sara Glavina for Jasmology Street Style Mens Fashion Week Milan Autumn/Winter 2014/2015

Yes ‘ Street Style’ may have turned into pure affectation – but it is a pleasure to take in.  Those determined to get photographed as always go for the brightest of colors rain, shine, winter or summer – while most of the men, who tend to be more sartorially limited,  play with contrasts; pattern, fabric and textures – its all in the mix! SKY BLUE GETS ELECTRIC JUST PEACHY MILLER TIME COMFORT CLOTHING GRAB & GOES NON-STAID PLAIDS SARTORIALLY PUNKED TOMBOY THE PLAYTIME MIX